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LCAD is unique in being one of only a handful of accredited colleges to offer courses in figurative sculpture that focus on classical techniques with an emphasis on narrative compositions.

As a student of LCAD’s Drawing + Painting major, you will have the option to pursue a degree with an emphasis in sculpture. The Sculpture Emphasis teaches technical rigor to produce ¼ life-size to monumental-sized sculptures that convey contemporary narrative themes including animal and fantasy sculpture. Our sculpture curriculum is based in classical techniques and will prepare you to enter the competitive field of sculpture by gaining commissions, exhibiting as a gallery artist, obtaining public grants, applying to residencies, or branching out into the entertainment and special effects industries.


  • Abend Gallery
  • Arcadia Contemporary
  • Art Miami
  • Art Renewal Center
  • Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize
  • Copro Gallery
  • Dawson Cole Fine Art
  • Jim Henson Creature Shop
  • LA Art Show
  • Laguna Art Museum
  • Manifest Gallery
  • MEAM Museum
  • National Sculpture Society
  • Poets + Artists
  • Portrait Society of America
  • Salmagundi Club
  • Sideshow Collectibles
  • Spectral Motion
  • Sue Greenwood Fine Art
  • Sullivan Goss Gallery
  • Thinkspace


Graduates Will Learn How To:

  • Execute a complex understanding of a broad range of materials and techniques
  • Implement technical knowledge as it pertains to historical and contemporary studio art practices.
  • Execute a varied knowledge-based and technical process-based approach to three-dimensional works.
  • Synthesize through practice, problem defining, and problem-solving while drawing from an array of external sources.
  • Communicate depth of understanding of one’s artistic practice in written and verbal forms.
  • Articulate an understanding of present-day professional standards in their chosen media and in the larger field of contemporary art.


Building a career as an artist begins on the first day of classes, where students are introduced to beginning professional practices that are reinforced throughout the curriculum. Junior year, students complete Professional Studies, which provides current, real-world strategies and marketing skills that prepare visual artists in exploring and entering the professional workspace.

Junior and senior level students participate in a Spring Professional Mentorship, where students choose a professional mentor in the areas of gallery exhibition, art conservation, museum administration, or a one-on-one independent artist advisor. Students have the chance to apply to internships in their junior year for credit and are given support through our Career Services Office and our Internship Coordinator.

Gainful Employment Information for Undergraduate Certificates in Drawing & Painting with Sculpture Emphasis

LCAD | Hope Railey
Hope Railey
Chair of Drawing + Painting

Hope Railey is a passionate and driven fine artist and teacher who has dedicate the last 20 years to painting in the studio and teaching future generations of artists. Hope has exhibited throughout the country and was most recently featured in December 2021 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, is an Associate Professor, and currently serves as chair of the Fine Arts department since 2011. She is a regional juror for the AXA Art Prize and has served on artist panels at the 2021 LPAPA Invitational.