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  As an Entertainment Designer, you will create realities and experiences that excite minds and stir imaginations.You will do this by combining art and technology to create themed events, live shows, museum exhibitions, themed restaurants and parks, TV and film productions, and much more. LCAD’s BFA program in Illustration in Entertainment Design provides you the education that entertainment designers need to bring these extraordinary experiences to life. Our state-of-the-art curriculum gives you real life, hands-on instruction with concept design, model and prop making, and 3-D digital tools. 


LCAD’s Illustration in Entertainment Design Faculty are accomplished industry professionals who bring their real life experiences to the classroom and provide you unparalleled mentorship.


Faculty film credits include the following and more:


Companies who employ LCAD Illustration Faculty include:


LCAD’s Illustration in Entertainment Design Alumni have gone on to apply their skills to a wide range of areas and companies that include:

"LCAD's BFA Illustration in Entertainment Design program is one of the best I've witnessed. The program provides an incredible foundation in a variety of art and technology mediums. Students get the hands-on experiences they need to really understand the current trends in the Entertainment Design industry. I'm confident that students of LCAD's BFA Illustration in Entertainment Design program will push those trends to their creative limits." – Josh Steadman, LCAD Entertainment Design Advisory Member, Entertainment Designer/Educator, Production Designer, Enchanted Storybook Castle, Shanghai Disneyland.

Course Requirements

Entertainment Design Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Apply principles of color theory, composition and form language to concept designs and illustrations as a way to emphasize and dramatize story.
  •  Employ efficient and accurate drawing and painting abilities that convey an understanding of perspective, light logic, material indication and color.
  • Combine traditional and digital tools to create a variety of concept art including creatures, characters, environments, vehicles, costumes, and props in both 2D and 3D.
  • Apply the use of anatomy, gesture, form language, and staging in creature and character design for story development.
  • Develop proficient problem-solving skills through the use of research and development, ideation, orthographic drawing, and sequential art.
  • Combine research and visual-development skills to design authentic and accurate representations of themed locations and attractions for the entertainment industry.
  • Effectively engage with team members by both taking direction and leading in collaborative problem solving.




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Laguna College of Art + Design
Todd Smith
Chair of Entertainment Design

Todd Smith is a seasoned artist who has worked as a concept illustrator and fine artist since 1998, he has worked in film and television in addition to showing his work in galleries. Todd studied Art History at UCLA, Drawing and Painting at Claremont Graduate University and Entertainment Design at Art Center College of Design.