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Game Design MFA


Laguna College of Art + Design’s Game Design MFA seeks to advance the art, science and culture of play by creating a context for advanced study and innovative work.


LCAD’s Game Design MFA is an online 2-year terminal Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree that allows you to explore the design and development of games as a creative practice. The program offers a unique, multidisciplinary approach that bridges the gap between theory and practice in game design.


The Game Design MFA online curriculum is centered on the processes of both the creation and the development of games. The program acknowledges that games are responsible for providing much more than mere entertainment; they also are meaningful products of a thriving global economy that illuminate truths about our world, our societies, and ourselves.


LCAD’s Game Design MFA is structured in such a way that will empower you with both the knowledge base and the skill sets to ensure that your own meaningful game design enterprises are economically impactful and sustainable.


Our Game Design program will develop your creative skills and enhance your potential as a game designer, developer, and entrepreneur.


Select program candidates will create a graduate level game development environment, replicating that which reflects the current industry model, nurturing advanced skills in design, research and development, leadership and marketing in the creative art of game design.

Course Requirements


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the entire game production cycle.
  • Apply effective game mechanics.
  • Produce playable game prototypes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the theory, structures and elements of the use of game narrative.
  • Create an innovative and theoretically informed body of work that is exhibited in a manner and context that supports its creative content.
  • Apply game design processes and research processes, including outcomes, limitations, speculations on future work, potential applications and pedagogical effects.
  • Develop business planning, marketing and branding strategies specific to the gaming industry.



Sandy headshot
Sandy Appleoff Lyons
Chair of MFA Game Design

I have always had an affinity for the creative process in every aspect from research to engineering the idea. Currently I am engaging the creative process in respect to curriculum development and designing the new Game Art major. This is undoubtedly the most humbling and yet the most rewarding work I have done thus far in my career. My background pretty much covers the gamut of visual communication.