Laguna College of Art + Design

MFA Fine Art Studios


Located within walking distance of our historic Main Campus and our Big Bend Campus, LCAD’s MFA Fine Arts Studios is the principal location for MFA Fine Arts instruction. The building itself boasts a largely open floor plan that provides a sense of openness, and its modern and minimal exterior is framed naturally by the beautiful Laguna Canyon setting that surrounds it. LCAD’s MFA Fine Arts Studios include the Office of the MFA Fine Arts Chair, a student lounge and common space, and a space for peer critique and feedback.


As a student of either of LCAD’s two MFA Fine Arts programs, you will have your own individual studio space in which to work and to develop your portfolio. Your private studio will be bright, spacious, and located within a highly collaborative environment.


LCAD’s MFA Fine Arts Studios regularly hosts distinguished visiting artists who come from around the world to speak about their work and to give critiques to students of LCAD’s MFA Fine Arts programs.


Laguna College of Art + Design

MFA Fine Arts Studios

2633 Laguna Canyon Road

Laguna Beach, CA 92651