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Adrienne Stein


Gallery Exhibiting Artist / Teacher


American Art Collector, Women Painting Women, ArtSee, M Gallery
Adrienne Stein (b. 1986) is a young artist currently living and working in Boston, MA.
From an early age, Adrienne identified within herself a passion for drawing and painting and subsequently devoted herself to studying the methods of the Old Masters. She perpetually cultivates her skills toward mastery.
Her evocative paintings are a vehicle to explore the relationships of human beings to nature, time, death, divinity, oneself and one another. Strength and fragility inhabit her poetic compositions. Adrienne is influenced by Italian, Dutch, and French painting as well as sculpture from the Ancient Near East and India. She draws inspiration from her travels and daily experiences as well as art history, literature, mythology, and the richly textured landscape of her native southern Pennsylvania.

Undergraduate Alumni: 
Drawing + Painting