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Kenneth Ussenko





Kenneth Ussenko Design is an international interior design & restaurant design company specializing in hospitality, commercial and residential projects. Originally formed as a production design company focused on the film industry, Ussenko quickly expanded into industrial design, branding and packaging, before focusing on conceptual design for architectural environments.


Ussenko’s film industry background and his passion for storytelling informs a constant principle in all of his designs: every design decision – every wall, every chair, every doorway – has a story.


From mansions for Qatar royalty, to luxury resorts in Belize, to some of Southern California’s most popular restaurants, Ussenko and his team has a reputation for beautiful, high-quality designs that bring his client’s stories to life.


“I usually work with an open brief, although the lead might come from the client in terms of what the objectives are for each environment and how they want to experience their commercial or residential space. Balancing imagination and analysis is an important process of every design project I take on. The journey of developing and selecting the right design identity for each project requires a series of design studies starting from sketch reviews to 3D modeling. The combination of calculated design exercises over the years and regular production projects has enabled my team and I to fine-tune our approach and execution.”


“Constructing the complete experience for any environment is a passion of mine. Texture, color, light and emotion are the essential ingredients to any design project and with these elements you can orchestrate an atmosphere full of beauty and style to enhance all your senses.”