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Marcella Stockstill


Associate Professor

Liberal Arts

At the age of 45, my grandfather, a structural engineer and architect, purchased an estate belonging to the family of US President Herbert C. Hoover. For the next fifty years lessons on architecture, engineering, and design unfolded at family gatherings. As I visited my grandfather's construction sites, today home to iconic examples of midŒ´Ô twentiethŒ´Ô century Modernism - the Ahmanson, Mark Taper Forum, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles County Museum of Art - I imagined a life where I could share the intellectual promise of innovators of all kinds, those with both an artistic and rational imagination. After two museum appointments, I earned an MA at UNCŒ´ÔChapel Hill, where I explored exchanges between Netherlandish and Northern Italian artists and architects. Now, at the dissertation stage of my doctorate, I am investigating a new class of Renaissance craftsmen: fireŒ´Ôworkers, gunners, and alchemists, and their place at the intersections of art, science, religion, and politics. From illustrated handbooks of art and ordnance, I am looking into the craft, splendid in its aesthetics as well as instructive in practice. Recent awards include Claremont Graduate University's $10,000 Transdisciplinary Dissertation Research Award for 2016-17, the Newberry Library (Chicago), and the Delmas Foundation (UCLA). Publications include review of The Feminine Dynamic in English Art, 1485-1603 by Susan E. James, in Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal (Routledge: 2009). I spend a suspicious amount of time with music, dance, films, and books, but above all, I am proud to teach at LCAD where students possess energy, humor, and a turn of mind for the artistic process.