Laguna College of Art + Design

Right to Know

The Student Right To Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 requires colleges and universities to disclose basic institution information, graduation rates, campus security policies and campus crime statistics. Information found throughout this section encapsulates required information for current and prospective students at Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD).


Additionally, LCAD publishes a Student Handbook every year containing current policies and procedures.

Admissions Profile

Acceptance Rate

Incoming Student Classification

Place of Origin and Residency


Enrollment Profile

Total Student Enrollment


Enrollment by Major

Enrollment By Gender


Enrollment By Ethnicity


Student Persistence + Success

Student Persistence + Success

Text Books Requirement


The HEOA requires institutions of higher education to display textbook information (textbook title, price, and ISBN identifier) at the time enrollment opens. LCAD Students are notified via email one month prior to the beginning of the semester what textbooks are required for course(s) enrolled in, including Title, Edition, Author(s), ISBN, and where to obtain them.

The Administrative Process of ordering textbooks:

Two months prior to the beginning of the semester an email is sent to the faculty requesting if they require a book for their class.

If they require a book, they are asked to supply the following information:

  • Name of class
  • Title of book
  • Author
  • Edition of book
  • ISBN (13 digit)

One month prior to the beginning of school, an email is sent to the students informing them of where to look for books that are required for their classes.

In addition, required books are listed on the syllabi, which are posted on Moodle three weeks prior to the beginning of school.